Librarian Crush – Folks I’m loving right now

About to start our second week of school, and after the first 3 days of teacher planning week I'd just like to make a quick shout-out to some people who make a librarian's heart very happy! The new teacher, overloaded with moving continents with a family who came into the library and borrowed 4 books … Continue reading Librarian Crush – Folks I’m loving right now

A little writing about writing

I threw down the gauntlet to my mentor, Katie Day last night. She who taught me all I know about being a teacher librarian in the weeks and months that I sat by her side while doing my MIS and part of my M.Ed before I was thrust into the world of a library of … Continue reading A little writing about writing

Frustrations of a librarian

And it's not the usual stuff about being poor misunderstood under-utilized bits of the school / community.  No, the frustration goes much much further.  It's about how information, knowledge, books, data, well just about anything is NOT being tagged and catalogued and made generally searchable, available. What prompted this?  Well my inbox. I subscribe to … Continue reading Frustrations of a librarian

Until we make our own questions we are NOT embracing digital scholarship

Ok, I'll admit it right up front. I'm in a bad mood. I've had a tough week, with 2 days of staying at school until 8pm (with a 7am start so that I get all my thinking work in before the crush of students and teachers and action). I've been waking at 4am with ideas … Continue reading Until we make our own questions we are NOT embracing digital scholarship

Keeping our struggles silent and our successes public?

I’ve had the good fortune of starting this course during my vacation, which has allowed more reading and contemplation time than I’d usually have at the start of a course. As such, I’ve started reading the case studies of module 3, and would like to dwell a little on Using Blogging in Support of Teacher … Continue reading Keeping our struggles silent and our successes public?

Unfair advantage

Following the release of the results of our first assignment, there has been some soul searching and discussion on how better results can be attained and what went wrong etc. I've seen this on various Facebook groups I'm a member of too. I've referred earlier to the whole privilege thing, and I'll say it again. … Continue reading Unfair advantage

Writing in order to write

After a hiatus of over a month due to moving house, school holidays, visitors etc. I'm having to pick up on writing again.  I've done a lot of reading in the interim - for my course and around my course and for an article I'm co-authoring for the IASL conference. I'm finding if I don't … Continue reading Writing in order to write

Meanwhile back at my other blog…

For my current course ETL401 Introduction to Teacher Librarianship I'm required to keep a blog on WordPress in their "thinkspace".   After a couple of months of WordPress I must say I'm still not terribly good at it, nor convinced of its superiority (at least not for someone who isn't doing this professionally) but anyway, … Continue reading Meanwhile back at my other blog…

Blogging frenzy

Apologies in advance for what may appear as a blogging frenzy!  After too much vacation and free time and working and getting back to school activities and a kid with a broken hand (we think, in plaster until a new xray today), I'm catching up with my work for INF506, which involves - you guessed … Continue reading Blogging frenzy