Livin’ and learnin’

Now that I've started breathing again I can start to think about the iBooks experience and what I've learnt from it. I found out today that there are no iBooks in Singapore where I'm living and where I wrote / produced / cobbled together my first iBook. Nope, none. Something I didn't really actually realise. … Continue reading Livin’ and learnin’

Mad rush to the finish line

Well it's done! Well it's kind of done. The digital essay part is done and I've got all the little interactive bits and pieces and I hope they work in real life and not just in preview. Thanks to Sharon who has also been experimenting with iBooks author and was the crucial hour or so … Continue reading Mad rush to the finish line

Transformation and Autonomy with a twist: from information to learning – Critical Reflection INF530

It's been quite a ride this INF530, and as they say "it ain't over until it's over", I have yet to complete my digital essay and enter that huge time warp black hole of combining words with media and images in such a way that it enhances rather than distracts, compels rather than confuses.   … Continue reading Transformation and Autonomy with a twist: from information to learning – Critical Reflection INF530

Activity and Paralysis

Reading, reading, reading. I know I should start trying to write, but I'm in a kind of simultaneous paralysis and activity. Each new reading I do, I discover a whole field of knowledge and information that I know way too little about. Today I discovered the LEA (language experience approach) to teaching reading and writing. … Continue reading Activity and Paralysis

Slow progress is still progress

I guess that will have to be my mantra for now. I spent from  Friday to Sunday at the UWCSEA Multilingual Conference (#mlconf2015 if you want to follow the tweets - although not many people tweeting besides yours truly and a few others). Besides the fact that I was giving two sharing sessions, as you … Continue reading Slow progress is still progress

Does academic equity even exist?

I've just finished reading through Yvette Slaughter's PhD thesis: The study of Asian languages in two Australian states: considerations for language-in-education policy and planning and what an eye-opener it was. And not for the reasons I thought it would be. I'm really interested in language-learning ecology/(ies) and since hers mentioned this, I decided to take the … Continue reading Does academic equity even exist?

Deep research Diving

I'm going to either become very quiet or very noisy in the next few weeks as I dive into my next research topic for my last (yikes, how fast did that go) assignment for INF530. This is my research proposal: =============================================== 1. Proposal Topic Language learning and the new digital information ecology 2. Proposed digital … Continue reading Deep research Diving

Unfair advantage

Following the release of the results of our first assignment, there has been some soul searching and discussion on how better results can be attained and what went wrong etc. I've seen this on various Facebook groups I'm a member of too. I've referred earlier to the whole privilege thing, and I'll say it again. … Continue reading Unfair advantage

Open, social and Participatory Media in Education

In this week's module we were posed the following questions: How would curriculum change if our priority approach was on critical, creative, and collaborative thinking? What does the reality of the modern age of information– this age of Google –suggest that we “teach”? Can we simply “update” things as we go, or is it time … Continue reading Open, social and Participatory Media in Education