Whole new generation – Postcards

This year I've managed to encourage many of my Grade 3-6 teachers to take part in the Global Read Aloud. I'll save my comments on the good and bad of that for another post. This year for the first time, we're also taking part in the postcard exchange.  Basically you put your school / class … Continue reading Whole new generation – Postcards

Activity and Paralysis

Reading, reading, reading. I know I should start trying to write, but I'm in a kind of simultaneous paralysis and activity. Each new reading I do, I discover a whole field of knowledge and information that I know way too little about. Today I discovered the LEA (language experience approach) to teaching reading and writing. … Continue reading Activity and Paralysis

How I used to write

A little while back I did a review of Easybib as an assignment for one of my courses. It's a tool we recommend to our students.  For a while I was impressed by it's notetaking tool and I've tried using it a few times because it kind of makes intuitive sense. But it just doesn't work … Continue reading How I used to write

Writing in order to write

After a hiatus of over a month due to moving house, school holidays, visitors etc. I'm having to pick up on writing again.  I've done a lot of reading in the interim - for my course and around my course and for an article I'm co-authoring for the IASL conference. I'm finding if I don't … Continue reading Writing in order to write