How long will it take to rethink online learning?

Tomorrow marks 74 days since we saw our students face-to-face. Since we had the luxury of physical indoor and outdoor spaces. A library. Fields to play in. Classrooms. We're at the point of the year now where we've started talking about assessments and report cards and student led conferences. Where there are fewer days left … Continue reading How long will it take to rethink online learning?

Seek and Find – breakout

In the interests of trying new things myself, and also making library orientation and searching the catalog / tracing items from the catalog to the physical copy more fun, I decided to create a library breakout. I'd watched the "Breakout" phenomenon ebb and flow about 3-4 years ago and had always put it in the … Continue reading Seek and Find – breakout

How to lie and cheat …

Teaching academic honesty is always a tricky one. Last year, my involvement was limited to showing a tool (Noodletools) to large groups of students, howling in protest that they preferred the predatory alternative EasyBib, too late in the year and being a second opinion on whether submitted work was honest or not. This year, I'm … Continue reading How to lie and cheat …

Collaboration is air to us

And we need it to survive. I meant to write this post a little while back, but then school started, and whoosh there went all my potential blogging time. On one of the FB groups I follow someone was asking about teaching academic integrity / honesty. Naturally the librarians in the group responded with "ask … Continue reading Collaboration is air to us

When to read what how

First a shout-out - if you're an international librarian and reading this - please join the International Librarians Lead (inTLlead) moodle - it aims to bring together a repository of resources, ideas and discussions on everything to do with being a 21C librarian in a global setting. We have 195 members and growing. Further to … Continue reading When to read what how

Trust me I’m a …

I've had this vague feeling ever since I started in the middle school that I'm just not serving my population well on the research side of things. I've tried putting my finger on it in the past but the unease has been growing. It started with being dissatisfied with nonfiction and that we're not doing … Continue reading Trust me I’m a …

Does Activism require Power?

One of my most popular blog posts was "Advocacy is not enough we need power" and I still stand by that. Ironically enough in my new role I am teacher librarian slash Edtech integrator, and I like to joke with my colleagues who need anything from data to access to fixing an issue to equipment … Continue reading Does Activism require Power?

Facts getting in the way of a good story

It's been a while - quite a stressful last few weeks of term - make that a stressful first half of the year. And now the last day of the vacation. Here's a somewhat lighter post on two movies we saw that I'd like to comment on. The first was Bohemian Rhapsody. The whole family … Continue reading Facts getting in the way of a good story

What research looks like

Lest I be accused of being too negative on the information literacy side of things I wanted to post something positive. A while back I was listening to an interesting enough book, (Gup, 2014) but the most fascinating part, and what sent me back to the eBook version was the part where the author explained … Continue reading What research looks like

Are we teaching dogs to chase cars?

I'd love a dollar for every time as a TL I'm asked to teach students "how to search" or "search terms" or "searching. Once upon a time I complied. I've become a bit more bolshie in my old age. I now try to engage. Engage in a conversation as to what exactly the teaching and … Continue reading Are we teaching dogs to chase cars?