Learning but not yet

So I got fired up about learning Javascript and then I had to do some very practical stuff in HTML/CSS that took way longer than I thought it would with considerable troubleshooting. So that's been parked. Even as a teacher, when I do stuff I'm learning about learning. Like the fact that when I originally … Continue reading Learning but not yet

First the earthquake and then the tsunami

Six weeks done and we enter our virtual online Spring Break. And my social media both professional and personal is awash with questions from people about school closure and online learning from a teacher/librarian/tech/personal point of view. It's the long tail, the tsunami hitting land after the earthquake at sea. And I know that's just … Continue reading First the earthquake and then the tsunami

Ha, ha, ha bonk

That's me laughing my head off at my thoughts two weeks ago on this same blog. It's also me laughing at this article about setting priorities and using the "Urgent / Important" matrix.  So we've just finished our first week of online learning and I've learnt a heck of a lot. One of the main … Continue reading Ha, ha, ha bonk

Preparing for closure – don’t make it about Tech

By now the nCOV potential pandemic is world news and international schools over China are in (full) preparation mode on how to continue teaching and learning via online modalities. As part of my preparation, I'm planning to blog daily. Because it's not about the tech. It's about mental and psychological preparation to sit this out, … Continue reading Preparing for closure – don’t make it about Tech

Content plus

One regularly hears phrases bandied around schools such as "Every teacher is a language teacher"; or "Every class should start with 10 minutes of reading" and you'd be hard pressed to find a teacher who doesn't agree in theory, that reading is a good thing. But then there is the "reality" of supposed too little … Continue reading Content plus

Seek and Find – breakout

In the interests of trying new things myself, and also making library orientation and searching the catalog / tracing items from the catalog to the physical copy more fun, I decided to create a library breakout. I'd watched the "Breakout" phenomenon ebb and flow about 3-4 years ago and had always put it in the … Continue reading Seek and Find – breakout

Libguides – back-end/front-end (3)

In the last blog on Libguides this year I just wanted to show a little bit of what is going on "under the hood" with "forcing" things to look in a certain way around the possibilities and constraints of Libguides. Our school got a great new brand update last year, and this meant that we … Continue reading Libguides – back-end/front-end (3)

Libguides – not so easy (2)

The basic page view of libguides is the option of a top and bottom row of one column, sandwiching a number of rows of either 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns. But the constraint is that then all the boxes in subsequent rows need to be in the chosen number of columns.  And sometimes - … Continue reading Libguides – not so easy (2)

Libguides: a couple of easy things (1)

Well, the response to my last post was quite surprising. So I'll continue with a few posts on very easy things to change the look and feel of your guide. First off though, please do consider joining the Springshare lounge - help is literally there for the asking, and no question is too basic.  You … Continue reading Libguides: a couple of easy things (1)