Libguides – back-end/front-end (3)

In the last blog on Libguides this year I just wanted to show a little bit of what is going on “under the hood” with “forcing” things to look in a certain way around the possibilities and constraints of Libguides. Our school got a great new brand update last year, and this meant that we needed to update our colour scheme for our Libguides. The … Continue reading Libguides – back-end/front-end (3)

Libguides: a couple of easy things (1)

Well, the response to my last post was quite surprising. So I’ll continue with a few posts on very easy things to change the look and feel of your guide. First off though, please do consider joining the Springshare lounge – help is literally there for the asking, and no question is too basic.  You join a group based on your usage. Secondly in response … Continue reading Libguides: a couple of easy things (1)