May – Presentation & Panel Month

I've had another lapse in blogging, not that things have been particularly quiet - in particular I managed to mis-step on some stairs in the center of Beijing in early April, thereby managing to fracture both my posterior and anterior malleolus (i.e ankle) resulting in my first ever ambulance ride and some pretty nifty ankle … Continue reading May – Presentation & Panel Month


This post originally was created on 25 March 2021 for the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative's SDG Month. While the global goals set absolute numerical targets that are tracked as discrete targets, no matter where our country of origin or residence is on the continuum of individual goals the wonderful thing is how they tie … Continue reading UN SDGS: GATEKEEPERS, ALLIES, ENABLERS, PERSUADERS

Picture books as a panacea?

I've always been a huge fan of picture books. I'm the librarian that will read "Maia and what Matters" to a group of Middle School teachers and struggle to continue through tears. I spend a reasonable chunk of my budget on picture books (or as some librarians like to refer to the "sophisticated picture books … Continue reading Picture books as a panacea?

Content plus

One regularly hears phrases bandied around schools such as "Every teacher is a language teacher"; or "Every class should start with 10 minutes of reading" and you'd be hard pressed to find a teacher who doesn't agree in theory, that reading is a good thing. But then there is the "reality" of supposed too little … Continue reading Content plus

Why awards?

This week's blog post will be very brief as a function of my extreme exhaustion - just been up and down to Bangalore for the Neev Literature Festival 2019. Beijing-Bangalore is not a commute I'd recommend to anyone who prizes their sleep or sanity but WOW what an intense 2 days it was. The theme … Continue reading Why awards?

SDGs in the library

Many schools, and particularly those following the IB (International Baccalaureate) framework are attempting to incorporate Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their teaching and learning.  The library can play an important role in supporting this through curation and discoverability. Our G6 students used the SDGs to focus their research during their PYP Exhibition Project. I'd been … Continue reading SDGs in the library