Nonfiction’s right to exist (2)

This post as promised, I'll write a little about physical nonfiction's right to exist. I had a surprisingly large and positive response to my last post - which is a great incentive to carry on writing. There are quite a few barriers in creating and maintaining a robust nonfiction section in a school library. Perhaps … Continue reading Nonfiction’s right to exist (2)

Waves of attention: nonfiction

A lot has gone down this year, and with it my ability to write and document my professional life as a librarian. Someone approached me yesterday with a request to weigh in on an aspect of teacher-librarianship and I gave her my professional opinion and referred back to a blog-post I'd written in 2017 and … Continue reading Waves of attention: nonfiction

Megatrends shift and response

The below quote is the first thing I read this morning. I must admit to feelings of sadness and anger and frustration this past week as I completed my last 7 days in quarantine in home isolation. Received beautiful pictures of my daughter who I haven't seen for more than a year now. Was subjected … Continue reading Megatrends shift and response

It’s still not over…

Quarantine D24 (14+7+3) So I took a break from blogging and broke my streak. It was a combination of not having much to say as I was pretty much just working, and the fact that things turned quite pear-shaped on D21 when my otherwise perfect trifecta of health-codes hit a wobble as my Beijing Health … Continue reading It’s still not over…

Can Shanghai redeem itself?

Quarantine +7 Day 2 Today was one of those days. I'd walked past a recommended clinic on Thursday to check where to have my D16 covid test and was referred to a local hospital. So I left nice and early at 7am to get it done before work. It was walking distance so I was … Continue reading Can Shanghai redeem itself?

Last sleep

Quarantine D13 Tonight is my last night in the wonderful "Home Inn". So this morning I had the infamous double dipping covid test. For some reason we now have to have two separate complete oral and nasal covid tests that are submitted to two separate testing agencies - so it was double the discomfort. Does … Continue reading Last sleep