Weekend in Shanghai

Quarantine +7 Day 3&4

I managed to limit work to a few hours this weekend, and do a bit of sightseeing. I’m cognisant of the fact that it may be a while before I return given the current restrictions on travel. Saturday saw me depart for a long walk from my hotel to the Bund, taking in all the sights and sounds along the way. It was hot and humid and a lot of the architecture and ambiance reminded me of a flatter, bigger Hong Kong.

Finally when I could barely take any more, I stumbled on a Raphael exhibition and much enjoyed cooling down while looking at the spectacular art – which was more a quick overview of art from the renaissance, baroque, and romantic ages. There’s something to be said for a small exhibition, well curated and labeled. Having spent a lot of time in the museums of Europe, it all does become super overwhelming and you lose the trees for the wood.

Next up was a boat trip on the bund, followed by a stroll around the Yu Yuan “ancient” market which very much resembles the “ancient” markets in many other historic / touristic cities.

More walking around the historic centre and then dinner with 5 of my fellow quarantinis – all interesting and fun people.

Today was the turn of getting into the Shanghai Museum as yesterday I couldn’t get in without a reservation. Some gorgeous calligraphy and brush paintings – such a contrast between the idea of what constitutes a portrait in Western vs. Chinese art. And of course that amazing feeling you get when you see a scroll from 975 and can read (some of) the characters. And envy the penmanship.

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