Can Shanghai redeem itself?

Quarantine +7 Day 2 Today was one of those days. I'd walked past a recommended clinic on Thursday to check where to have my D16 covid test and was referred to a local hospital. So I left nice and early at 7am to get it done before work. It was walking distance so I was … Continue reading Can Shanghai redeem itself?

Last sleep

Quarantine D13 Tonight is my last night in the wonderful "Home Inn". So this morning I had the infamous double dipping covid test. For some reason we now have to have two separate complete oral and nasal covid tests that are submitted to two separate testing agencies - so it was double the discomfort. Does … Continue reading Last sleep

Can’t compare

Quarantine D9 The NZ crowd outside the country are in a bit of a tizzy about the MIQ situation. All quarantines are not created equally and not all countries with quarantine have uniform policies by any stretch of the imagination. My hotel isn't great but at least it's not a repurposed youth camp or some … Continue reading Can’t compare

You cannot make this stuff up!

D8 Quarantine More adventures from the Quarantini's. I've had quite a busy day today and doing an Adobe Illustrator course was still on my "to do" list from the vacation and since I got a 24 hour expiring special offer to do a course via LinkedIn, I decided that now was the time to try … Continue reading You cannot make this stuff up!

Halfway mark

D7 quarantine We're at the half way mark. I'm not saying much today - it's been super busy with the first day back for all faculty and staff and juggling lots of online meetings and presentations. Had my 7 day covid-test - literally feels like a roto-roota went through my nasal cavities. Maybe because I … Continue reading Halfway mark