You cannot make this stuff up!

D8 Quarantine

More adventures from the Quarantini’s.

I’ve had quite a busy day today and doing an Adobe Illustrator course was still on my “to do” list from the vacation and since I got a 24 hour expiring special offer to do a course via LinkedIn, I decided that now was the time to try and find 5 hours in the next 24 hours to do it. Maybe stupid?

Anyway, I then took a stretch break and glanced at the quarantine Wechat group and found 189 unread messages, and the following story unfolded. It’s a story worthy of making a modern-day spin-off of Fawlty Towers and relocating it to an anonymous (to protect my sources) hotel in Shanghai. It’s also a story that had my spirits up and tear ducts getting a work out from crying with laughter.

Although I’m not much of a drinker following a mis-spent youth and pregnancies and breastfeeding, many of my fellow Quarantinis like to imbibe. And there is a kind of cat and mouse game between the inmates and the captors in just about every quarantine hotel. It seems the purveyors of food and drink are firmly on the side of the inmates, with items being smuggled in otherwise innocuous items or packaged for camouflage, but today’s escapades totally take the cake.

Inmate 1 (I1)seems to be one of those fully prepared types with something for all eventualities, from his own exercise bicycle to the equipment to jerry-rig any situation. I suspect it’s also not his first round at the rodeo of quarantine. He also has the “goods” in terms of beverages. Inmate 2 (I2) is a Q novice but seems to be up for a bit of fun and some liquid refreshment. Critical to the mission, they share a hotel, but reside on different floors.

So over the course of a couple of hours, I1 contrived to get an industrial vacuum cleaner delivered to his room to “vacuum some broken glass”. The insides were then supplemented with some packaged beverages and put back outside his room. At which point I2 contacted housekeeping with his “problematic mess”. And got delivered a vacuum cleaner. The wrong one! Then he contrived to convince housekeeping that that particular vacuum cleaner was 不好 and his needs could only be met with the high powered great vacuum that his mate in room ### had been using.

His wish was their command, and the 好 vacuum duly made its way up to his room with the package intact and has been received.

I don’t know how I’m going to survive back in normal life without the juvenile antics to keep me amused.

Meanwhile, I’ve been given anti-biotic drops for my eyes and a stern warning that they’re not to eat, and my stockpile of apples continue to grow. If I can get anywhere near the hotel of I1 & I2 I’m sure they’d organise an oven, mixing bowls and other ingredients to make apple pie that we could distribute by drone to the other 402 members of the group.

I’ll not include any pictures of the escapades above – don’t want to prevent it’s future success so here are some alternatives.

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