Halfway mark

D7 quarantine

We’re at the half way mark. I’m not saying much today – it’s been super busy with the first day back for all faculty and staff and juggling lots of online meetings and presentations. Had my 7 day covid-test – literally feels like a roto-roota went through my nasal cavities. Maybe because I did not use my tissue to masturbate my nose before-hand as instructed – I was in the middle of a meeting so I didn’t think that was appropriate. They are NOT kind or gentle.

I seem to have picked up some kind of eye infection (the irony), at least it’s not covid – because I got my “unquarantine” notice today.

Make sure the parade and marching band are ready on time! I’m off for an early night with eyes shut and no more screen time.

2 thoughts on “Halfway mark

  1. They say, unquarantine at 16.18 on the 18th, and not a minute sooner.
    You say, unquarantine at 16.18 on the 18th, and not a minute later.

    I am greatly enjoying your daily report, Nadine, thank you.
    May the rest of the time go smoothly, quickly.
    And then to the next one?

    Cheers, John


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