Days are too short

Day 6 Quarantine

Seriously – I’ve been properly back at work since yesterday and the days are flying by. Tomorrow will mark the half way mark of quarantine and I was just taking a break a minute ago lamenting that my crochet rate has declined dramatically. The banter in my group has also quietened down since the weekend as my fellow “guests” are also gainfully and seriously occupied. I’ve given up on trying to do 5000 steps a day and have substituted my fitness efforts with 25 minute Focus T25 workouts (modified for the fact that I cannot do much jumping and some movements are not yet tolerated by my healing ankle) which get my heart rate up and achieve about 50% of that.

Last night’s bonus “dinner” was the most amazing baby mangos which was today’s snack treat. I have a veritable collection of fruit now that I’ll never be able to work my way through unless I eschew all other meals. I suspect they have mistaken me for the very hungry caterpillar 🐛 as I now have 3 bananas, 4 peaches, 5 mangoes and 7 apples … not to mention the growing collection of well known and obscure fizzy drinks – if you’re living next to me – I’m your secret Sinterklaas who’s leaving fizzy drinks on the chair next to your door each night.

My time available to read for pleasure has also slowed to a crawl, although I did manage to finish “The Plot” by Jean Hanff Korelitz, which is a very satisfying clever thriller in a thriller, as a result of my neighbour’s 4.30am wake up noisy telephone calls. Now I need to go and order some of the PD books that were mentioned in the last two day’s PD because at least 1/2 of my job is still being a librarian.

Signing out from Team Cheetos.

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