No life without laughter

Quarantine Day 5.
This may seem strange to see but today I’ve spent quite a few moments laughing until I have tears in my eyes and I’m unable to speak coherently. The reason? My Shanghai Quarantine wechat group. Or as they call themselves Sha QuaranTEAM.

Never mind stoicism or resilience or being prepared for the worst – the most important thing is probably to be part of a community that knows how to laugh at themselves and make light of the situation. Our group is now nearly 400 members and each new person has to disclose the snack / food stash by means of a photo (the snack food cold war) and pledge their alliagance to one of three teams.

So far Team Cheetos seems to winning out – motto: Stay Home. Eat Cheetos. Be naked.

And so another sun sets on a day of work and meetings interspersed with belly laughter.

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