Almost but not quite, entirely unlike

Quarantine D10

I’ve kind of lost track of time and wasn’t sure which day it was today – 4 more days to go! Weekends are a bit harder since there isn’t the structure of work, but I ended up working all day anyway. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been working on revamping all our Libguides to a new look and feel under Finally libguides will be used further afield than just the library, and it will be our one-stop-shop for content management and knowledge management.

The other amazing part of the equation is that through making the guides now for all subjects and units, I’m getting to work with departments and teachers who in the past wouldn’t naturally navigate to the library. So today I started putting the templates in place for Music, Art and Drama and PHE. After sitting at the computer for way too long, I managed to get a work-out in – the ankle is steadily accepting more work.

For some reason staying in quarantine really brings up all sorts of quotes from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – one of my all time favourite books, and one where so many quotes have stuck in my head.

Today the quarantinis were comparing unidentifiable lying pieces of meat, and I had to think of the quote where Nutrimatic Drink Dispenser, the computer-based drinks machine onboard the Heart of Gold is said to produce something “almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea”. My fish, in contrast was identifiable, and I think the strips of stuff is tofu. It’s difficult to quantify exactly how insanely boring food and eating has become. Most of the time I’m just picking at what’s served and feeling slight nauseous. My fruit stash is still increasing by 7 and decreasing by 2 each day.

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