Last sleep

Quarantine D13

Tonight is my last night in the wonderful “Home Inn”. So this morning I had the infamous double dipping covid test. For some reason we now have to have two separate complete oral and nasal covid tests that are submitted to two separate testing agencies – so it was double the discomfort. Does on ever get used to these tests?

Today was super busy at work, in fact I’ve just finished off now. Fresh tomatoes made their appearance both at lunch and as my dinner “fruit”. Heaven knows how much the people here think one small person is capable of consuming per day!

Related to yesterday’s post, listened to a wonderful podcast episode over lunch by Tara Bruch “Good Othering” definitely worth listening in the light of the idea of additive parenting and being.

And this daily blogging is exhausting! Wish I’d undertaken it during the break and not school time!

3 thoughts on “Last sleep

  1. Hi Nadine,
    I really enjoy reading your daily posts! Stay well and keep knitting! I wanted to let you know about our new Ideas Roadshow Podcast Channel on the New Books Network that you might enjoy., Today Charles Foster is featured – he is the author of Being A Beast and many other fascinating books:

    Irena (it says the message comes from howard but that is because of our blog on WP in his name)


  2. But I am glad you did give us a daily update, Nadine, thank you. I have really enjoyed sharing (remotely) your isolation.
    Now if only I could have the same self-discipline about blogging…
    One more week?


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