It’s still not over…

Quarantine D24 (14+7+3)

So I took a break from blogging and broke my streak. It was a combination of not having much to say as I was pretty much just working, and the fact that things turned quite pear-shaped on D21 when my otherwise perfect trifecta of health-codes hit a wobble as my Beijing Health Kit refused to work. I’d half expected this, as it happened to a colleague who lives in the same housing complex as I do. For some reason they’re deeply into the lock-down mentality. So this entailed booking an extra night hotel (at 40% more expensive as I was just too tired and fed up to move hotels) and rebooking a flight for the next day – 50% surcharge as I was not prepared to go to the airport at 9pm with my luggage and try to check in and be refused just to get a piece of paper to say I’d been refused boarding so that the rebooking was “involuntary” Oh and I did get to use the jacuzzi and freezing plunge pool at the hotel thanks to a late night swimsuit mission with a friend. Felt very Wim Hof-ish briefly, before feeling pissed and hard-done by..

Anyway, the streak of bad luck continued with yet another (about the 4th) flight change / cancellation, needing to pay excess luggage (which didn’t happen to any of my colleagues) and that I need to be locked up in my own home for a further 7 days with a magnetic lock that gives an alarm if I open the door. And another 2 covid tests in store. I do not have covid. I have never had covid. There is ZERO chance of me getting covid. and my right hand is bugging me – I think a combination of crochet and too much computer use again without my standing desk.

Positive things? Friends who popped by and spoke to me through the window. And brought me batteries since all my aircon remote batteries had died and none of my old aircon’s work manually. The fact that I impulsively bought a 2nd hand treadmill just before I left for the summer so I can at least do some walking. And my home is at least my home – albeit missing people.

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