Objects in the mirror

As we enter week 4 of online learning (and week 5 for me of the supporting and setup) a few musings on the process. I chose today's title because a lot of what we do is like trying to drive a car in reverse over a long distance for a long time with only a … Continue reading Objects in the mirror

Ha, ha, ha bonk

That's me laughing my head off at my thoughts two weeks ago on this same blog. It's also me laughing at this article about setting priorities and using the "Urgent / Important" matrix.  So we've just finished our first week of online learning and I've learnt a heck of a lot. One of the main … Continue reading Ha, ha, ha bonk

Digital onboarding

The other "half" of my role currently is technology integrator. I say "half" with irony as it seems I can only ever do 100% of one or the other at any one time. I'm not sure how the digital onboarding process goes in your educational community. I'm talking about the students moving up into middle … Continue reading Digital onboarding