Online learning is not new shiny things

I'll be the first to admit I'm an old boring Cassandra. It possibly / probably has to do with my age. Just to put things into context. Once upon a quarter century plus ago I was an auditor finishing up my articles. It was in the days when "calling" existed. Not the kind of cold-calling … Continue reading Online learning is not new shiny things

Panda Madness

As we move into Week 5 of online learning I had a yearning to return to my librarian roots. I was prompted by our librarian network sending out a notice for the voting for the annual Panda Book Awards. Despite the closures the voting will continue. In my previous incarnation as a PYP librarian in … Continue reading Panda Madness

Objects in the mirror

As we enter week 4 of online learning (and week 5 for me of the supporting and setup) a few musings on the process. I chose today's title because a lot of what we do is like trying to drive a car in reverse over a long distance for a long time with only a … Continue reading Objects in the mirror

Preparing for closure – don’t make it about Tech

By now the nCOV potential pandemic is world news and international schools over China are in (full) preparation mode on how to continue teaching and learning via online modalities. As part of my preparation, I'm planning to blog daily. Because it's not about the tech. It's about mental and psychological preparation to sit this out, … Continue reading Preparing for closure – don’t make it about Tech