Panda Madness

As we move into Week 5 of online learning I had a yearning to return to my librarian roots. I was prompted by our librarian network sending out a notice for the voting for the annual Panda Book Awards. Despite the closures the voting will continue. In my previous incarnation as a PYP librarian in … Continue reading Panda Madness

Classical retellings

Here are some great examples of where digital storytelling can allow literature to be updated, recontexualised and adapted to modern times and short attention spans.  Most of these formats are also easily adopted by students to create their own versions of the classics.Green Gables Fables (Anne of Green Gables) Bennet Diaries (Pride and Prejudice) - Inkle … Continue reading Classical retellings

Digital literature – Interactive documentaries

I'm going to do a couple of posts highlighting good examples of digital literature, divided into different genres / types.Here are a few interactive documentaries I think are particularly good. The Guardian  - First World War York Times - Story of the high rise short history of the high riseWelcome to Pine Point NFB Canada … Continue reading Digital literature – Interactive documentaries

When is it digital literature?

I've been busying myself with looking through a number of different formats of digital texts in order to write some reviews for my next assessment item.  According to the (adapted) criteria of Nesbit, Belfer and Leacock (2004) one can look at (cited in Leacock and Nesbit, 2007):Category of resourceContent qualityAlignment with curriculum or program purposeValue … Continue reading When is it digital literature?

Blog Task #1 – state of current knowledge

Blog Task #1Using your readings and interaction with the subject to date, develop a statement about your current knowledge and understanding of concepts and practices in digital literature environments, tools and uses, within the context of your work or professional circumstances.======================================================================In this post I would like to reflect on a starting point of my knowledge … Continue reading Blog Task #1 – state of current knowledge

Day 2: ebooks & audiobooks

This is a tough one.  The library I'm with at school hasn't jumped on board.  And all for very good reasons.  Personally though, in my home library I've been embracing audio books ever since my kids were very small - (about 10 years ago) when we were living in Spain and I had a long … Continue reading Day 2: ebooks & audiobooks