#1 Digital resources

In an attempt to blog more regularly, I’ve signed up for a challenge – so these posts will be in amongst all the other stuff I may be blogging. #FutureReadyLibs 10-Week #BlogChallenge Challenge #1: How did you get involved in the Future Ready Schools/Future Ready Librarians initiative? Are you involved in the district strategic planning process? What is your vision for a future ready school? … Continue reading #1 Digital resources

Day 4: Technology in the library – how has it affected your role

I’d say that it’s thanks to technology that I have a role in the library.  Just before doing my work placement I got involved with creating a pathfinder for my course in information services, which was quite well received.  On the back of that, during my work placement I had the wonderful task of creating lots more pathfinders – all using Libguides. Here are a … Continue reading Day 4: Technology in the library – how has it affected your role

Day 3: Website I can’t live without

That’s a hard question, as there is no particular website I can’t live without – i.e. most have substitutes in one form or another.  However I don’t think I could live without the web.  Possibly google search along with google scholar and google images are the sites I use ALL the time.  I’ve book-marked duckduckgo after reading an article about the lack of privacy that … Continue reading Day 3: Website I can’t live without

Day 2: ebooks & audiobooks

This is a tough one.  The library I’m with at school hasn’t jumped on board.  And all for very good reasons.  Personally though, in my home library I’ve been embracing audio books ever since my kids were very small – (about 10 years ago) when we were living in Spain and I had a long commute to take them to and from kindergarten every day. … Continue reading Day 2: ebooks & audiobooks