How I built a libguide

aka I think I'd better think it out again ... Over the summer I completely rethought our school library libguides, and I've received quite a few positive comments and questions as to how I made the guides. Unfortunately there is not quick and easy answer, as the process resembles more closely this TED talk on … Continue reading How I built a libguide

#1 Digital resources

In an attempt to blog more regularly, I've signed up for a challenge - so these posts will be in amongst all the other stuff I may be blogging. #FutureReadyLibs 10-Week #BlogChallenge Challenge #1: How did you get involved in the Future Ready Schools/Future Ready Librarians initiative? Are you involved in the district strategic planning … Continue reading #1 Digital resources

A tale of two systems

I've just spent the last 4 days at the #LKSW2017 where 80 librarians around the SE Asian region got together to learn and share (mainly teacher) librarian practise. I also hosted a Chinese lady from a school in China and gave a daily ride to another Canadian librarian working at a school in China. We had … Continue reading A tale of two systems

Paying lip service to information

One of the paragraphs in this week's modules struck me: "It is often said that we live in an information age, and that the price of failing to act promptly to take advantage of positive new developments or to dampen the impact of negative ones is often likely to be rapid and painful. Yet there is … Continue reading Paying lip service to information

Day 4: Technology in the library – how has it affected your role

I'd say that it's thanks to technology that I have a role in the library.  Just before doing my work placement I got involved with creating a pathfinder for my course in information services, which was quite well received.  On the back of that, during my work placement I had the wonderful task of creating … Continue reading Day 4: Technology in the library – how has it affected your role