Paying lip service to information

One of the paragraphs in this week's modules struck me: "It is often said that we live in an information age, and that the price of failing to act promptly to take advantage of positive new developments or to dampen the impact of negative ones is often likely to be rapid and painful. Yet there is … Continue reading Paying lip service to information

My first LibGuide

I've managed to make my first LibGuide, otherwise known as a pathfinder or guide.  It was a requirement for my current course INF406 "Information Sources and Services", which to be honest I enjoyed so much that I've decided to change the way I'm going on this degree from "youth and adult services" to a more … Continue reading My first LibGuide

International Experience Portfolio

The entries below constitute the International experience Portfolio.   First a summary of each organisation is presented through the Study Visit report, and then the aspects I wish to highlight are presented.   Although I'm living as an expatriate in Singapore, which is its own cultural experience, one realizes you can experience culture on a number of … Continue reading International Experience Portfolio

Reference services and Information Literacy

A desk with "help" for primary pupilsChinatown library has no librarian only a phoneWhen visiting a library it is always interesting to see where the reference services are located and how they are manned.  In terms of design, rounded desks or structures were a common theme.  Naming varied between "help" for the infants and juniors, … Continue reading Reference services and Information Literacy