ETL402 Critical Reflection

Reading Haven (2007) was a great way to set the scene for this course. Even if we were not all literature “converts” before starting the course, understanding the research behind the power of stories would make us so. Of all the themes I think the second module – concerning diversity – was the one that … Continue reading ETL402 Critical Reflection

when the library is more than a library

In some ways libraries have never just been about the books or the building.  Even since the first libraries they've been about a certain idealism, a world view, a concept of teaching, learning, enquiry, culturalisation, what ever you may call it. So yesterday it shouldn't have taken me by surprise with Ms. S asked me … Continue reading when the library is more than a library

International Experience Portfolio

The entries below constitute the International experience Portfolio.   First a summary of each organisation is presented through the Study Visit report, and then the aspects I wish to highlight are presented.   Although I'm living as an expatriate in Singapore, which is its own cultural experience, one realizes you can experience culture on a number of … Continue reading International Experience Portfolio


Each library we visited went about creating, updating and weeding their collection in different ways.  On the one hand we had UWCSEA-East, where the librarian could build up a collection of 30,000 items from scratch, and had the luxury of being able to carefully consider the philosophy behind the collection.  On the other, we had … Continue reading Collection