Communicating across cultures

Communicating across cultures: cultural identity issues and the role of the multicultural, multilingual school library within the school community Dr. Helen Boelens School Library Researcher and Consultant, The Netherlands John M. Cherek Jr. MSc Project Manager, Zorgboerderij “De Kweektuin”, Mijdrecht, The Netherlands Dr. Anthony Tilke Head of Library Services & TOK Teacher, United World College … Continue reading Communicating across cultures

Digital Storytelling – an 8-week interactive program for Middle School students

Note: This is the example of the type of program that could be held for this age group - it is an academic submission and as such has not been tested in reality. ____________________________________________________________________ Assessment Item 1: Report and program for specified age group INF 505 – Library Services for Children and Youth Digital Storytelling … Continue reading Digital Storytelling – an 8-week interactive program for Middle School students

Research summary on Language

The post below is based on the background research I did for INF538 Value Added-information Services in June 2014.  Please cite me as the author should you wish to quote / use any of this.Bailey, N. (2014, November 12). Research summary on Language. Retrieved November 23, 2013, from ResearchThis study has presented the typical … Continue reading Research summary on Language

Assessment item 7: Blog 4 – Electronic media and the nature of the story

Electronic media are not simply changing the way we tell stories: they’re changing the very nature of story, or what we understand (or do not understand) to be narratives. To what extent is this true? authors have argued that storytelling is intrinsic to humanity (Schank & Abelson, 1995) and part of memory and learning. … Continue reading Assessment item 7: Blog 4 – Electronic media and the nature of the story

Professional Placement

ASSESSMENT ITEM Professional Placement INF 408 – Professional Placement “I hereby confirm that this is an original essay and my own work and that all ethical standards have been addressed and adhered to” Nadine Bailey Student ID: 11510358 Word Count:2673 1. The role of the library   United World College South East Asia East (UWCSEA East) … Continue reading Professional Placement

International Experience Portfolio

The entries below constitute the International experience Portfolio.   First a summary of each organisation is presented through the Study Visit report, and then the aspects I wish to highlight are presented.   Although I'm living as an expatriate in Singapore, which is its own cultural experience, one realizes you can experience culture on a number of … Continue reading International Experience Portfolio

Reference services and Information Literacy

A desk with "help" for primary pupilsChinatown library has no librarian only a phoneWhen visiting a library it is always interesting to see where the reference services are located and how they are manned.  In terms of design, rounded desks or structures were a common theme.  Naming varied between "help" for the infants and juniors, … Continue reading Reference services and Information Literacy

Physical Environment

big, moveable signageOne thing our visit demonstrated wonderfully is that design has become a huge factor in libraries.  In its presentation, UWCSEA in fact focused on design aspects, as it had two new, purpose built libraries.  Careful thought had also gone into the design of the Tanglin Trust libraries, in particular the new senior library.Libraries … Continue reading Physical Environment


Student designed periodical standLifestyle section organised like a bookstore The survival of both the physical entity and concept of "the library" depends on it being well utilized.  All libraries visited were extremely proactive in their promotion efforts.  Most began during the orientation week with activities to get students into the library.  These ranged from library orientation … Continue reading Promotion

International Experience Portfolio Background

 International Experience Portfolio As part of your participation in an international experience program through CSU, you will need to maintain an International Experience Portfolio that includes reflections, actions, photos, images, thoughts, critical incident logs, and so on. The portfolio is NOT A DIARY of events, but rather a critical record of your experiences, thoughts, critical … Continue reading International Experience Portfolio Background