Student designed periodical standLifestyle section organised like a bookstore The survival of both the physical entity and concept of "the library" depends on it being well utilized.  All libraries visited were extremely proactive in their promotion efforts.  Most began during the orientation week with activities to get students into the library.  These ranged from library orientation … Continue reading Promotion

Pre-departure Entry

Thoughts about your learning in this module:I'm thinking that students are a lot more prepared for venturing into other cultures and that there is a lot more information available and disseminated. I also like that there is an awareness of your own cultural bias and less thought that "our way is the right way" - … Continue reading Pre-departure Entry

Study Visit Checklist

Study Visit Checklist for Students Goals and users • What are the purposes for which the library exists? • What is the nature of the community/organisation served? • What are the information needs of that community/organisation? • What role does the community/organisation play in determining, directing and contributing to the library’s services? The collection • What is the focus of the collection? … Continue reading Study Visit Checklist