Study Visit Checklist

Study Visit Checklist for Students 
Goals and users 
What are the purposes for which the library exists? 
What is the nature of the community/organisation served? 
What are the information needs of that community/organisation? 
What role does the community/organisation play in determining, directing and contributing to the library’s services? 
The collection 
What is the focus of the collection? What subject areas does it cover? 
Is there a collection development policy? 
What media are held, e.g. print, audio visual, CD-ROM, online? 
Which are the predominant media and why? 
Has information technology brought about major changes in the way in which information is stored and disseminated? 
How are materials selected? 
Is the collection weeded? For what purpose? 
What strategies are in place to ensure the physical preservation of the collection (including electronic sources)? 
What professional, technical and support staff does the library have? What roles do they play in fulfilling the purposes of the library? 
What professional development is provided for, or expected of, staff? 
What flexibility is allowed in staffing to better meet the needs of staff and users? 
Reference services 
What reference services are provided for users? How are these services provided? 
What user education is provided? 
What use is made of the Internet in reference work?
Network infrastructure 
Which integrated library management system is used? Why is this system in use? 
What electronic networks operate between the library and its user group? 
To what extent does the library depend on network access and availability? 
Does the library provide information and services through a web page or pages to users? What information and services are provided? Has this access significantly extended its user group? 
Does the library have an information technology plan? 
Technical services 
What is the perceived function of the catalogue? 
What standards and services are employed in cataloguing? 
What access is provided to materials which are not catalogued? 
Does the library develop and maintain any indexes, classification schemes or subject heading lists of its own? 
Are metadata standards being used in the cataloguing of online resources? 
What are the library’s sources of funding? 
What is the level of funding (if not confidential)? 
How are these funds committed? 
To what extent do users pay directly for services which they use? 
How does the library promote and market its services to its potential users? 
Physical environment 

How suitable are the library’s location, accessibility, size, layout and physical facilities to the fulfilling of its purposes?

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