Professional Placement

ASSESSMENT ITEM Professional Placement INF 408 – Professional Placement “I hereby confirm that this is an original essay and my own work and that all ethical standards have been addressed and adhered to” Nadine Bailey Student ID: 11510358 Word Count:2673 1. The role of the library   United World College South East Asia East (UWCSEA East) is one of the two campuses of an International school … Continue reading Professional Placement

Network, networking, social networking

As week 2 of my professional placement draws to an end I’m thinking more about this network thing.  Both now, and during my study visit I’m noticing more and more the difference between “networked” librarians and “non-networked” to put it a little crudely.  Of course, even the “non-networked” librarians are networked, in the “no (wo)man is an island” sense of the word, but its a question … Continue reading Network, networking, social networking

new toys! new toys!

So I’m working away at the template for the libguides and at the same time I’m busy creating the psychology libguide.  Why I’m doing both simultaneously is that I’m trying to make the template a “how to” as well.Today Ms. K showed me “Flipboard” which is a curating tool on the ipad.  Basically you use it to create your own online magazine.  It’s really really … Continue reading new toys! new toys!

A few of my favourite things

Series sorted in boxes with QR code I started my professional placement last Monday and I’ll be working at one International School library for 4 days a week, under the guidance of a very experienced library, while continuing to get myself wet by jumping in the deep end with the library makeover project at the other school on a Wednesday. It’s been quite an adjustment … Continue reading A few of my favourite things