Day 4: Technology in the library – how has it affected your role

I'd say that it's thanks to technology that I have a role in the library.  Just before doing my work placement I got involved with creating a pathfinder for my course in information services, which was quite well received.  On the back of that, during my work placement I had the wonderful task of creating … Continue reading Day 4: Technology in the library – how has it affected your role

Library 2.0

ACTIVITY View this YouTube video called 'Building Academic Library 2.0'. This is part of a symposium sponsored by Librarians Association of the University of California, Berkeley Division in 2007. While this presentation is over one (1) hour in duration, there are a number of key points raised by a number of speakers, including the keynote speaker Meredith … Continue reading Library 2.0

new toys! new toys!

So I'm working away at the template for the libguides and at the same time I'm busy creating the psychology libguide.  Why I'm doing both simultaneously is that I'm trying to make the template a "how to" as well.Today Ms. K showed me "Flipboard" which is a curating tool on the ipad.  Basically you use … Continue reading new toys! new toys!

How to …

Today is becoming a "how to" day.  I'm busy creating a template for all the IB introductory guides for various disciplines. I've created the skeleton and now I'm trying to use it to fill in the first one. I chose psychology as that was part of my undergraduate degree and I still am a keen … Continue reading How to …

A few of my favourite things

Series sorted in boxes with QR codeI started my professional placement last Monday and I'll be working at one International School library for 4 days a week, under the guidance of a very experienced library, while continuing to get myself wet by jumping in the deep end with the library makeover project at the other … Continue reading A few of my favourite things

My first LibGuide

I've managed to make my first LibGuide, otherwise known as a pathfinder or guide.  It was a requirement for my current course INF406 "Information Sources and Services", which to be honest I enjoyed so much that I've decided to change the way I'm going on this degree from "youth and adult services" to a more … Continue reading My first LibGuide

Teaching & Learning

I have created a number of library guides both for the primary and secondary school. Here are a few examples:Primary:From field to table - Grade 2Blue Planet - Grade 3:Middle School:Humanities - the middle agesHumanities - Sustainable CitiesHigh School / IB:Digital guide in the form of a pathfinder using Libguides for the Economists IB Teacher.PsychologyParents:Mother tongue … Continue reading Teaching & Learning