How to …

Today is becoming a “how to” day.  I’m busy creating a template for all the IB introductory guides for various disciplines.

I’ve created the skeleton and now I’m trying to use it to fill in the first one. I chose psychology as that was part of my undergraduate degree and I still am a keen follower of the field.   I’ve already done one on Development Economics – but that was a specific field within the Economics discipline.  I’m now wondering if as part of the template I should also include some “how to” on each section.

We’ve agreed that the pages would be:

* Start here (introduction)
* In the News
* Books and Physical resources
* Journals
* Online Resources
* Institutions and People
* Audio & Visual and social Media

We’re trying to decide whether to put the “fields” within the disciplines (or whatever we’d call it) as a separate page linking to the various Libguides or to put that in the introductory page.  For example the discipline Economics has as fields, MacroEconomics, MicroEconomics, Development Economics etc.  Psychology would have Social Psy, Development Psy, Organisational Psy etc.

I’ve started looking at some Audio and Visual links, and run into the first thing – how to get an iTunes podcast feed onto the Libguide – it’s something I did a couple of weeks ago and I’ve already forgotten and having to look up again.  The trick is to find the RSS or other feed, so I’m thinking in the template to have the standard introduction we use for each section, but then perhaps in another colour have a “how to” or at least link to the best resource on how to do it …
I’m running into the problem of RSS being used less and less or the feeds being invisible.  Drat.

I found a couple of brilliant resources this afternoon.  This first one is a “how to” add media resources to your guide.  And then I found two seams of gold, first the psychology libguide of  UMass, which had some excellent journal links and then this excellent list by the Social Psychology Network of blogs, podcasts and RSS feeds.

Quite a productive day.

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