Day 4: Technology in the library – how has it affected your role

I’d say that it’s thanks to technology that I have a role in the library.  Just before doing my work placement I got involved with creating a pathfinder for my course in information services, which was quite well received.  On the back of that, during my work placement I had the wonderful task of creating lots more pathfinders – all using Libguides.

Here are a few of them:
Drama & Theatre

One of the wonderful things about technology in the library is that it means that we can curate information for all types of learners in all types of formats, catering to the way students best absorb information and learn.

Today I saw a really cool infographic on videos, personally I HATE getting information via video, but it’s the best way for my son to learn.   And – newly learnt from that infographic – youtube has become the second biggest search engine on the internet after google …

The good thing about a pathfinder like libguides is that I can incorporate videos and pictures and podcasts and links to books.  I can make it very visual.  I can make it current with links to RSS feeds from the news, and design-like with my click-through to the various flipboards we’ve made for each subject.

Not every librarian has the time or inclination to make libguides, or likes making them, or enjoys sniffing around the internet for just the right video or picture or podcast or blog, but I love doing that.  I’ve got all sorts of ideas for pathfinders for lots of different things, not just academic subjects – like one for parents of special learning needs kids – everyone needs resources and it’s so much easier if you have a starting point, not just the whole wide web shooting it out at you.

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