ETL401 Blog Task 1: The role of the TL in schools

The role of the teacher librarian (TL) can broadly be understood by looking at the elements of: Who we are Where we are What we need to know and What we need to do. Who we are To misquote Karl Menninger “What the teacher (librarian) is, is more important than what he teaches.” (“Karl A. Menninger Quote,” … Continue reading ETL401 Blog Task 1: The role of the TL in schools

Module 6: INFORMATION POLICY – Identity, privacy, security and trust

TaskExplore some of these following readings regarding the issues of identity, privacy, security and trust:De Rosa, C., Cantrell, J., Havens, A., Hawk, J. & Jenkins, L. (2007). Section 3: Privacy, Security    and Trust. In Sharing privacy and trust in our networked world: A report to the OCLC                membership. Dublin, Ohio: … Continue reading Module 6: INFORMATION POLICY – Identity, privacy, security and trust

Library 2.0

ACTIVITY View this YouTube video called 'Building Academic Library 2.0'. This is part of a symposium sponsored by Librarians Association of the University of California, Berkeley Division in 2007. While this presentation is over one (1) hour in duration, there are a number of key points raised by a number of speakers, including the keynote speaker Meredith … Continue reading Library 2.0

Use of social bookmarking

I'm fairly new to social bookmarking, having only commenced using it during my Student Placement for my degree.  I'm currently using it at it's most primitive form, i.e just as a cloud based bookmark bar, although I have used the sharing function with the librarian. I think my use is similar to that of most people's use of … Continue reading Use of social bookmarking

Network, networking, social networking

As week 2 of my professional placement draws to an end I'm thinking more about this network thing.  Both now, and during my study visit I'm noticing more and more the difference between "networked" librarians and "non-networked" to put it a little crudely.  Of course, even the "non-networked" librarians are networked, in the "no (wo)man is … Continue reading Network, networking, social networking