Language, Bilingualism and Multi-lingualism in the news

I've started curating all the information I can find on the topic of language, language learning, and bilingualism into a Flipboard.  Flipboard is great for reading content on your iPad without any clutter or interference from advertisements and distractions.There is a lot of information out there (I've found 575 articles in the last year alone), … Continue reading Language, Bilingualism and Multi-lingualism in the news

Social networking – the dark side

I've been on the internet a long, long time.  There was some primitive stuff going on when I did my first degree around the mid-80's (that's 1980's) but we only really got it going at home in 1994 - and then we were living in Brazil, where and when at that time, even having a … Continue reading Social networking – the dark side

new toys! new toys!

So I'm working away at the template for the libguides and at the same time I'm busy creating the psychology libguide.  Why I'm doing both simultaneously is that I'm trying to make the template a "how to" as well.Today Ms. K showed me "Flipboard" which is a curating tool on the ipad.  Basically you use … Continue reading new toys! new toys!

First questions

(a) define what social networking is (in your own words);In my opinion there are two types of social networking - that which occurs online, and that which occurs online. In both my online and offline worlds I enjoy having disparate networks of friends and connections who define parts of who I am and how I … Continue reading First questions