#fakenews – symptom or disease?

Last week I attended a "#Call to Action: Fake News, Misinformation and Post-Truth" held by the SMU libraries in  Singapore. Library network groups are full of requests for student appropriate examples of fake news. Most librarians have a stock list starting from the spaghetti harvest (1957) / tree octopus (1988). And we've unfortunately become over … Continue reading #fakenews – symptom or disease?

Social networking – the dark side

I've been on the internet a long, long time.  There was some primitive stuff going on when I did my first degree around the mid-80's (that's 1980's) but we only really got it going at home in 1994 - and then we were living in Brazil, where and when at that time, even having a … Continue reading Social networking – the dark side

Reading and Weeding social media

It's terribly addictive, I've just spent an hour hopping from blog to blog to Pinterest to Facebook entry and back again.  And added a couple of pretty good blogs to my Blogfeed (The Daring Librarian, and DaveCaleb).  It wasn't all for nothing.  I had a good lesson on infographics from Library Grits, along with some … Continue reading Reading and Weeding social media