Reading and Weeding social media

It’s terribly addictive, I’ve just spent an hour hopping from blog to blog to Pinterest to Facebook entry and back again.  And added a couple of pretty good blogs to my Blogfeed (The Daring Librarian, and DaveCaleb).  It wasn’t all for nothing.  I had a good lesson on infographics from Library Grits, along with some concrete hints on how to get started and what to use.  Katie, our school librarian, has put down the tricks and secrets of getting stuff out of the catalogue into social media in her The Librarian Edge blog and I found a good book to pin for getting adolescents to read (Book Love) and found a cute poster on the rights of readers for my daughter.

I also decided that anyone who hasn’t posted for 2 years doesn’t deserve to be in my feed, no matter if he’s on the CSU recommended reading list or not … 2 years is a century in social media.  But on the other hand, here is a provocative new book (Writing on the Wall by Tom Standage) on the fact that social media has always been with us it just keeps changing clothes.

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