Keeping our struggles silent and our successes public?

I’ve had the good fortune of starting this course during my vacation, which has allowed more reading and contemplation time than I’d usually have at the start of a course. As such, I’ve started reading the case studies of module 3, and would like to dwell a little on Using Blogging in Support of Teacher … Continue reading Keeping our struggles silent and our successes public?

Reading and Weeding social media

It's terribly addictive, I've just spent an hour hopping from blog to blog to Pinterest to Facebook entry and back again.  And added a couple of pretty good blogs to my Blogfeed (The Daring Librarian, and DaveCaleb).  It wasn't all for nothing.  I had a good lesson on infographics from Library Grits, along with some … Continue reading Reading and Weeding social media

First questions

(a) define what social networking is (in your own words);In my opinion there are two types of social networking - that which occurs online, and that which occurs online. In both my online and offline worlds I enjoy having disparate networks of friends and connections who define parts of who I am and how I … Continue reading First questions