Frustrations of a librarian

And it's not the usual stuff about being poor misunderstood under-utilized bits of the school / community.  No, the frustration goes much much further.  It's about how information, knowledge, books, data, well just about anything is NOT being tagged and catalogued and made generally searchable, available. What prompted this?  Well my inbox. I subscribe to … Continue reading Frustrations of a librarian

First questions

(a) define what social networking is (in your own words);In my opinion there are two types of social networking - that which occurs online, and that which occurs online. In both my online and offline worlds I enjoy having disparate networks of friends and connections who define parts of who I am and how I … Continue reading First questions

INF506 goodreads books

Having slept over the booklist for this course, I woke up bright-eyed and energised and created a Goodreads group for discussion, review and commentary on the books.  Now for a strategy to try and make this a real group and community!Most of the books have been read and reviewed by a world-wide community of active … Continue reading INF506 goodreads books