Keeping our struggles silent and our successes public?

I’ve had the good fortune of starting this course during my vacation, which has allowed more reading and contemplation time than I’d usually have at the start of a course. As such, I’ve started reading the case studies of module 3, and would like to dwell a little on Using Blogging in Support of Teacher … Continue reading Keeping our struggles silent and our successes public?

Social Media for the professional – Twitter

I've been asked this question twice now in the last 2 days, both in a professional context.  The first was at the librarian workshare I attended at Bangkok, where so many people were saying they didn't get the point of twitter, and then last night by a friend who is an academic who has just … Continue reading Social Media for the professional – Twitter

What is twitterature?

Exploring storytelling using twitter is one of the many new "genres" in digital storytelling.  Here is Andrew Fitzgerald explaining what it is: Viking / Penguin have taken the lead in this new format and there is a dedicated website to some of the best examples.

Social Media Frenzy (1)

I'm busy looking into various social media tools for International School Librarians for my next assignment.  And at the same time, I'm trying to resolve for myself what works and what doesn't to manage my own ever-increasing flow of information.  Over the next few posts I'll introduce each new tools I've found and give a … Continue reading Social Media Frenzy (1)

First questions

(a) define what social networking is (in your own words);In my opinion there are two types of social networking - that which occurs online, and that which occurs online. In both my online and offline worlds I enjoy having disparate networks of friends and connections who define parts of who I am and how I … Continue reading First questions