Online learning is not new shiny things

I'll be the first to admit I'm an old boring Cassandra. It possibly / probably has to do with my age. Just to put things into context. Once upon a quarter century plus ago I was an auditor finishing up my articles. It was in the days when "calling" existed. Not the kind of cold-calling … Continue reading Online learning is not new shiny things

#1 Digital resources

In an attempt to blog more regularly, I've signed up for a challenge - so these posts will be in amongst all the other stuff I may be blogging. #FutureReadyLibs 10-Week #BlogChallenge Challenge #1: How did you get involved in the Future Ready Schools/Future Ready Librarians initiative? Are you involved in the district strategic planning … Continue reading #1 Digital resources

Digital Storytelling tools worth looking at (1)

There is a plethora of tools in the virgin outback of digital storytelling.  This does not make one's life any easier, plus there is the chorus of cellos in the background warning you that most of these tools that you invest time and effort into learning and using may not be around forever, or even … Continue reading Digital Storytelling tools worth looking at (1)

What is twitterature?

Exploring storytelling using twitter is one of the many new "genres" in digital storytelling.  Here is Andrew Fitzgerald explaining what it is: Viking / Penguin have taken the lead in this new format and there is a dedicated website to some of the best examples.

And an extra blog post …

Here is an article I wrote for Incite on getting organised for studying - it was aimed at students and professionals but could be adapted for younger students.  Writing an article is an interesting process as you have a very tight word limit and need to conform to what the journal or magazine considers the … Continue reading And an extra blog post …