And an extra blog post …

Here is an article I wrote for Incite on getting organised for studying – it was aimed at students and professionals but could be adapted for younger students.  Writing an article is an interesting process as you have a very tight word limit and need to conform to what the journal or magazine considers the correct format / design.

For example, in my first draft, I had a lot of images and it was more a “step-by-step” process type article of how to use 3 specific tools.

The editors didn’t want to be endorsing any specific tools, so I needed to do some more research and make the tools more generic and the article more general, which I can understand, but at the same time I think it made it less concrete and useful for students who don’t want to over think the matter and just want to take a tool and learn how to use it.

If it were up to me I DEFINITELY would not have had my picture taking up 1/4 of the valuable space!  Like I said earlier, I’d have put in more images on how to use the tools with screen shots etc.

All in all it was a valuable experience, and I was very gratified to see the positive responses it garnered, I was even approached by someone from UNESCO to request permission to post it on their UNESCO’s WSIS Information Literacy listserv (thank you Judy O’Connell for promoting the article).

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