A linguistic trio …

In the last few weeks I've been lucky to attend the lectures of three specialists in the field of language, bilingualism and mother tongue.  Before I forget the salient points of their presentations I thought I'd write it up and do a little compare and contrast and provide some links for further investigation and thought.Does … Continue reading A linguistic trio …

A linguistic Trio – part 3 – della Chiesa

Bruno della ChiesaIf I may for a moment make a librarian analogy, the talk of della Chiesa compared to the other two was a bit like when I looked at information literacy from a more philosophical view rather than a model and implementation view.  Neither is more important than the other. Language doesn't happen without … Continue reading A linguistic Trio – part 3 – della Chiesa

A linguistic trio – Part 1 – Rojas

Virginia RojasBefore I embark on my summary, here are a couple of links written by other people quoting her, from Patana, the Telegraph,  and some very useful myth busting on language (worth a read).Rojas commenced her talk by going through the common myths on children and language (see myth busting above). She then explained the 5 types of … Continue reading A linguistic trio – Part 1 – Rojas

A linguistic Trio – part 2 Crisfield

Crisfield (Blog) Like Rojas, Crisfield began by dispelling some of the common "mummy myths" around language, particularly that it was easier to learn for children - she said something that every parent with older children will have personal experience of - "no it's still hard, but they're just too small to complain". Although they are more … Continue reading A linguistic Trio – part 2 Crisfield

The myth of "reluctance"?

I went to a professional development session the other day on motivating secondary students to read. It was a pretty good session with lots of interaction and ideas.  But it did give me pause for thought. About the premise. Yes I agree that reading is important - fundamental in fact to any kind of academic … Continue reading The myth of "reluctance"?

Language, Bilingualism and Multi-lingualism in the news

I've started curating all the information I can find on the topic of language, language learning, and bilingualism into a Flipboard.  Flipboard is great for reading content on your iPad without any clutter or interference from advertisements and distractions.There is a lot of information out there (I've found 575 articles in the last year alone), … Continue reading Language, Bilingualism and Multi-lingualism in the news