Are we teaching dogs to chase cars?

I'd love a dollar for every time as a TL I'm asked to teach students "how to search" or "search terms" or "searching. Once upon a time I complied. I've become a bit more bolshie in my old age. I now try to engage. Engage in a conversation as to what exactly the teaching and … Continue reading Are we teaching dogs to chase cars?

A little writing about writing

I threw down the gauntlet to my mentor, Katie Day last night. She who taught me all I know about being a teacher librarian in the weeks and months that I sat by her side while doing my MIS and part of my M.Ed before I was thrust into the world of a library of … Continue reading A little writing about writing

Whole new generation – Postcards

This year I've managed to encourage many of my Grade 3-6 teachers to take part in the Global Read Aloud. I'll save my comments on the good and bad of that for another post. This year for the first time, we're also taking part in the postcard exchange.  Basically you put your school / class … Continue reading Whole new generation – Postcards

Books I wish would be published

I've been asked to be on a panel at the AFCC to chat about "Books Teachers Wish Authors Would Write" from a teacher / librarian perspective. So I put the question out on one of my teacher-librarian networks (an international one) and these were the responses I received: World war 2 in Asia- novel for … Continue reading Books I wish would be published

Writing in order to write

After a hiatus of over a month due to moving house, school holidays, visitors etc. I'm having to pick up on writing again.  I've done a lot of reading in the interim - for my course and around my course and for an article I'm co-authoring for the IASL conference. I'm finding if I don't … Continue reading Writing in order to write

Digital Storytelling – an 8-week interactive program for Middle School students

Note: This is the example of the type of program that could be held for this age group - it is an academic submission and as such has not been tested in reality. ____________________________________________________________________ Assessment Item 1: Report and program for specified age group INF 505 – Library Services for Children and Youth Digital Storytelling … Continue reading Digital Storytelling – an 8-week interactive program for Middle School students