How to WINN in the new school year

Part of my vacation time is usually spent doing personal learning and preparing for the new year for both my students and for how I can impact teaching and learning for teachers. Last year was my first in a new environment - both in terms of level (middle school rather than primary) and country/school (Beijing, … Continue reading How to WINN in the new school year

How I built a libguide

aka I think I'd better think it out again ... Over the summer I completely rethought our school library libguides, and I've received quite a few positive comments and questions as to how I made the guides. Unfortunately there is not quick and easy answer, as the process resembles more closely this TED talk on … Continue reading How I built a libguide

How to get free PD

Quite a few schools in our network have cut-back on funding for professional development and have either started limiting the time off or financial support for PD. This is extremely disappointing, as PD can be the lifeblood of educators, and dare I say, particularly for teacher-librarians with their often solitary status within a school.  There … Continue reading How to get free PD

Transformation and Autonomy with a twist: from information to learning – Critical Reflection INF530

It's been quite a ride this INF530, and as they say "it ain't over until it's over", I have yet to complete my digital essay and enter that huge time warp black hole of combining words with media and images in such a way that it enhances rather than distracts, compels rather than confuses.   … Continue reading Transformation and Autonomy with a twist: from information to learning – Critical Reflection INF530

Unfair advantage

Following the release of the results of our first assignment, there has been some soul searching and discussion on how better results can be attained and what went wrong etc. I've seen this on various Facebook groups I'm a member of too. I've referred earlier to the whole privilege thing, and I'll say it again. … Continue reading Unfair advantage

What I love about 21st century learning

This is one of those somewhat arbitrary posts, tangentially related to the topic. One of the things that excites me about learning now, versus when I was at school or my parents were at school is just how accessible everything and everyone is. One just has to be slightly motivated to want to know something, … Continue reading What I love about 21st century learning

Learning WordPress

I'm completely fuelled by jetlag, and so I'm sitting here with my computer on the WordPress blog site and my iPad on "Easy WP Guide 2.7 for WordPress" trying to work out how it all works! Obviously having some content would be an advantage ... so I tried to import my blogger blog into here, … Continue reading Learning WordPress