Learning WordPress

I’m completely fuelled by jetlag, and so I’m sitting here with my computer on the WordPress blog site and my iPad on “Easy WP Guide 2.7 for WordPress” trying to work out how it all works! Obviously having some content would be an advantage … so I tried to import my blogger blog into here, without success – I must remember to crawl before I try to walk.  So I’ll plod on it will be plain vanilla writing for the time being.

I’m also beginning to see why I couldn’t do the font size and type changing that I wanted to do … I only have one “row” of options tool bar wordpressBut I should have two – including font size etc…. aha … found the button to add it …

So now I can get fancy!

I’m still not seeing how to change the text type, but maybe I messed that up with my template selection.

Trying to resize by using resize handles, but can’t see any, maybe because it’s a png file, I’ll try with a jpeg.

IMG_1614IMG_1611IMG_1616IMG_1617 Still not working – but they are pretty pictures aren’t they!  In fact I’m not see what I should be seeing the way I should be seeing it, which makes me wonder if this is the latest version of WordPress. 


One thought on “Learning WordPress

  1. Hi Nadine,

    Nice job you’re doing on creating your Thinkspace.. Hope the jet lag goes soon!

    INF533 Subject Coordinator


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