Pretending to learn

One of the hidden advantages of learning Chinese is that I often catch myself pretending to learn and it gives me an acute insight and experience into the nature of real vs. faux learning. I'm doing a lot of "busy" work today on trying to get my document together for my ISTE certification (faux learning) … Continue reading Pretending to learn

A little on learning Chinese

One of the fun things about the FOEN19 (Future of Education Now) was meeting up with two librarians who I greatly admire and in-between sessions geeking out with them. One of the great things (and possibly why I like them so much) is that they're both keen students of Chinese, the three of us are … Continue reading A little on learning Chinese

Educational advice – from Facebook?

I subscribe to way too many Facebook groups. I need to stop it actually, they've become like women's magazines. But worse. You keep seeing the same things come up over and over again, but instead of ignoring them you can actually have a say, which is giving yourself the delusion of helpfulness, but actually the … Continue reading Educational advice – from Facebook?

MLA8 and Chinese …

A fellow librarian in Shanghai and I have been working on creating some new MLA8 posters in Chinese for her bilingual school / library.  It's been an interesting process to put it mildly. We started off with the MLA posters I created with Katie Day about 2 years ago, and which she updated recently to … Continue reading MLA8 and Chinese …

Assessment Item 6: Digital Storytelling Topic Proposal

“Knowledge, then, is experiences and stories, and intelligence is the apt use of experience, and the creation and telling of stories. Memory is memory for stories, and the major processes of memory are the creation, storage, and retrieval of stories.”(Schank & Abelson, 1995, p. 8) Red Dragon Wallpaper Download. (2011) Proposal Topic: “追龍 - Chasing … Continue reading Assessment Item 6: Digital Storytelling Topic Proposal