Channeling my inner PollyAnna / stoic

Today marks the first day of my 14+7 quarantine in Shanghai before I can return to Beijing. Unlike last year's 4 star hotel, I didn't strike lucky on the hotel jackpot this time, so I'm just focusing on what is good: the room is cleanno carpet (so no icky marks, hairs and other debris)nice viewAirconditioningkettle … Continue reading Channeling my inner PollyAnna / stoic

May – Presentation & Panel Month

I've had another lapse in blogging, not that things have been particularly quiet - in particular I managed to mis-step on some stairs in the center of Beijing in early April, thereby managing to fracture both my posterior and anterior malleolus (i.e ankle) resulting in my first ever ambulance ride and some pretty nifty ankle … Continue reading May – Presentation & Panel Month


This post originally was created on 25 March 2021 for the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative's SDG Month. While the global goals set absolute numerical targets that are tracked as discrete targets, no matter where our country of origin or residence is on the continuum of individual goals the wonderful thing is how they tie … Continue reading UN SDGS: GATEKEEPERS, ALLIES, ENABLERS, PERSUADERS

Learning but not yet

So I got fired up about learning Javascript and then I had to do some very practical stuff in HTML/CSS that took way longer than I thought it would with considerable troubleshooting. So that's been parked. Even as a teacher, when I do stuff I'm learning about learning. Like the fact that when I originally … Continue reading Learning but not yet

Maths and beyond

A few weeks ago one Friday, just before our WEIRD (WAB Extended Independent Reading Day) there was a sudden surge in interest in maths books from our G8 students. Unfortunately a little further questioning revealed that it wasn't so much math books on demand as some kind of math text very specifically on quadratic equations … Continue reading Maths and beyond


I'm not blogging and it's for a reason. I'm still trying to clear out the detritus of a rather busy and stressful year. Most of it spent online. Part of that is to seriously consider each and every subscription that is creating a digital deluge in my inboxes. It's disheartening as I unsubscribe or delete … Continue reading Hiatus

Don’t try this at home!

Week 12. The TV in our household has been quiet for most of the Covid-19 period. This isn't unusual, since I grew up in South Africa, we only got TV when I was 9, and it was a little black and white thing to boot, so the habit never caught on. Since my son is … Continue reading Don’t try this at home!

The troops are so very tired

Week 11. And while partial opening has been announced at most schools in Beijing for G12 and G8, this probably going to result in more stress, uncertainty and questions rather than less. Even more than ever before I am convinced we will need to radically change our teaching and learning practice. And now I'm not … Continue reading The troops are so very tired