If we build it will they come?

In my past “homeless” week I’ve had opportunity to offer PD to my fellow librarians & library staff and to some teachers, and also to go into classrooms for a longer period of time and help with research, and I’ve had time to find, curate and put resources onto our libguides, and I’m hot-desking in the coordinator’s office. Its’ been a very informative time. What … Continue reading If we build it will they come?

Library redesign – current issues

As librarians we often make it our life and vacation’s mission to visit other libraries and drool over what they have (or haven’t got), how they’re organised things, what their displays look like – how the signage works out etc etc. and then we come home and try and adapt our current situation to optimise our own assets and spaces into something even more user … Continue reading Library redesign – current issues

Design – Space, Thinking and Time (4)

September literally flew by, and I’m at the point of finishing up my final assessment for this course, and working on my critical reflection.  But first I wanted to critically reflect on where I was in my own library space. I’m expanding the LibGuides to better resource our curriculum and to supplement the gaps in the curriculum.  Because only I know how to use them, the … Continue reading Design – Space, Thinking and Time (4)

Assessment Item 3: Literature Critique

  The challenges of the school library as an evolving learning space Word Count: 2,628   Bibliographic details: IDEO. (2014). Design thinking for libraries – a toolkit for patron-centered design (p. 121). IDEO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Retrieved from http://www.designthinkingforlibraries.com Haycock, K. (2007). Collaboration: Critical success factors for student learning. School Libraries Worldwide, 13(1), 25–35. La Marca, S. (2008). Reading spaces (pp. 1–12). Presented … Continue reading Assessment Item 3: Literature Critique

New Semester, new course: Designing spaces for Learning

Just started delving into the outline and introduction of INF536 my new course for this semester.  It feels like INF530 has barely finished and now it’s already time to move on. I’m moving on in more ways that one. At the end of last term I unexpectedly found a “look-see” at a school library after expressing vague interest in an opening turning into a job interview … Continue reading New Semester, new course: Designing spaces for Learning