The 10% problem

It's a funny time of year in education, November and December. I never knew this before. It's the time when educators need to decide if they're staying or going in their current school or position, and if not, what the next move will be. I'm new to this game, and as I librarian I get … Continue reading The 10% problem

What lies beneath

Just a quick post here, based on a bunch of letters I got from my G1 students asking what the "roles and responsibilities of a librarian were" - I had to very quickly cobble it together in about 3 minutes I had between classes, so I'm sure I've forgotten tons. What I wanted to bring … Continue reading What lies beneath

New Semester, new course: Designing spaces for Learning

Just started delving into the outline and introduction of INF536 my new course for this semester.  It feels like INF530 has barely finished and now it's already time to move on. I'm moving on in more ways that one. At the end of last term I unexpectedly found a "look-see" at a school library after expressing … Continue reading New Semester, new course: Designing spaces for Learning