Storage, seating and signage

I've been meaning to write this for the longest time - after the library renovation / redesign what is working and what isn't. For the history have a look under make-over or library design posts and categories. I was prompted to write this really due to three main questions that have been floating around the Facebook … Continue reading Storage, seating and signage

Reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose

One of the advantages of being on a tight budget with constraints, as I've written about before, is that it forces one into being thrifty and eco-conscious.  I just wanted to say a few words here about ways in which we managed to employ the 4R's in our library renovation. Library shelving is very very … Continue reading Reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose

Firmware (& Software)

Planning for a library expansion and renovation involves considerable time, thought and work on the "hardware" of the physical building. Including last week's work of packing up the books and getting them put into storage. I'd blogged a little about how just prior to that we'd done a lot of weeding, and sorting out patron … Continue reading Firmware (& Software)

Make-over update

When I tell people we're getting to renovate and extend our library their first reaction is "wow, that's amazing, you're so lucky!". And yes, prima facie it is so. But right now it's feeling rather overwhelming. And ironically most of that is not so much to do with the change as the amount of preparation … Continue reading Make-over update

Library redesign – checklist

One of the librarians on a FB group I'm in asked me if I had a check-list for our library redesign.  Which made me realise that no, I didn't. I've more or less had a running checklist in my mind all year, and particularly since I did INF536 - Designing Spaces for Learning (you can see … Continue reading Library redesign – checklist

Library redesign – current issues

As librarians we often make it our life and vacation's mission to visit other libraries and drool over what they have (or haven't got), how they're organised things, what their displays look like - how the signage works out etc etc. and then we come home and try and adapt our current situation to optimise … Continue reading Library redesign – current issues


The great thing about being away on vacation is that sometimes (at least when you have great staff) you come back and amazing things have been achieved.  Here are some pictures from the library yesterday. Books are in a logical order, most shelves are labeled, the NLB books have arrived and been checked and scanned … Continue reading Progress!

Moving the deck chairs – well at least the shelves

Old VCR boxes as flexible shelf labelingA huge amount of progress has been made by Ms. Sheryl who has managed to get rid of the boxes cluttering up the floors and to start sorting those books which have any type of DDC number on the spine into DDC number order.  But there still are piles … Continue reading Moving the deck chairs – well at least the shelves

Hurry up and wait

Lots and lots of Korean booksToday I get to the library to meet a rather frustrated Ms. Sheryl.  There has been progress, but she's rather frustrated at the pace.  The boxes of old books that we want to swop in the Book Cross scheme still haven't been claimed and it looks like the process will … Continue reading Hurry up and wait

Presentation of the plan

Today was the day to present the plan!  But first we spent some time going around the school meeting teachers and heads of department and finding out the scheduling of the various units of enquiry, which units were to be studied and what the information needs would be.  Our first concrete action was going to … Continue reading Presentation of the plan