Hygiene factors that annoy …

After my last post got a pop up that my theme is retiring in 57 days and would I like to choose a new theme. No I wouldn't but I'd better. And I'd better do it now as I don't like to revisit that type of decision/action twice. Choosing themes for me is like choosing … Continue reading Hygiene factors that annoy …

Chalk talk? inquiry? technology? what really matters?

In our #INF530 course we are exposed to a wide range of thoughts and ideas. Some Facebook groups, twitter feeds, paperli, google alerts yadayada throw even more at me.  One that is currently doing the rounds is whether chalk and talk is better than all this new fangled (from the 70's no less) participatory and … Continue reading Chalk talk? inquiry? technology? what really matters?

Thought experiments and information literacy

A little while back KDA (Librarian Edge), enthusiastically placed a book on my desk and said I had to read it and I had to create a library guide based on it (I did, see this, and it was very enthusiastically received by Mr. Fleischman).  She was completely right.  What a wonderful resource has been … Continue reading Thought experiments and information literacy

Moving the deck chairs – well at least the shelves

Old VCR boxes as flexible shelf labelingA huge amount of progress has been made by Ms. Sheryl who has managed to get rid of the boxes cluttering up the floors and to start sorting those books which have any type of DDC number on the spine into DDC number order.  But there still are piles … Continue reading Moving the deck chairs – well at least the shelves