Hygiene factors that annoy …

After my last post got a pop up that my theme is retiring in 57 days and would I like to choose a new theme. No I wouldn’t but I’d better. And I’d better do it now as I don’t like to revisit that type of decision/action twice. Choosing themes for me is like choosing clothes and I like the Obama / Zuckerberg approach, sort it out once and then just mindlessly go on with it forever so your brain space is available for more interesting things. I have the same approach to most aspects of my life, including online grocery shopping (I’ve told one online retailer here if they didn’t sort out the fact that I couldn’t buy my meat / fish with one click and make it intuitive I’m gone as a customer – they didn’t see it, so I’ve moved on). I so wish that Palm Pilot’s 3 click minimisation could be more widely adopted.  We cycle through the same menu for a year at a time, when school starts in August it’s up for negotiation again (Monday white fish, Tuesday chicken, Wednesday Salmon, Thursday mince in some form, Friday beef or lamb, Saturday/Sunday BBQ) with variation on salads and vegetables and carbs that are also relatively fixed. I hate cooking and grocery shopping. I hate discussions. I love school uniforms. My brain is too small to have to think about all that boring detail.

That’s why I love Evernote and Zotero. Set it up, sort it out once and you’re freed up to spend your time reading and writing and having interesting conversations about reading and writing.

Anyone else with that approach?

2 thoughts on “Hygiene factors that annoy …

  1. Just came across the same thing, Nadine – and having spent time the first time selecting the right fit, I am annoyed too. Especially now that I want particular items to fit in a particular way – and it’s not just one blog indicating this…. Grrr.

    Then again, maybe with one or 2 of my other blogs it might be an oppportunity to review and revitalise? What do you think?

    Oh, and no guarantee that Evernote/Zotero etc. won’t do the same thing…


    1. I so want a table of the templates with a list of what each does and doesn’t provide ito widgets, otherwise such a trial and error blackhole!


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